Zandra Rhodes archive collection

"I consider myself as an artist working in the medium of dresses. They're a living work of art." - Zandra Rhodes

Works of art they are! I'm officially obsessed with the dreamy dresses in Zandra Rhodes Archive capsule collection for MatchesFashion. The limited edition collection contains 10 of the London designer's iconic dresses from the 1960s, '70s and '80s and uses hand printing and expert craftsmanship techniques that helped put Rhodes on the fashion map. 

Zandra Rhodes Pat Cleveland Dress

Some of the most notable flashback designs in Zandra Rhodes Archive collection include 1986 Princess Diana dress, the gold lame 1981 Cleveland dress, as worn by Pat Cleveland in studio 54, the white kimono style frock similar to a Zandra Rhodes dress worn by Donna Summers on the cover of her 1977 album and the 1976 Grace dress, named after Rhodes' muse, Grace Coddington. 

Have a look at the entire collection on MatchesFashion and don't make sure to check out the video with Zandra Rhodes discussing her designs.  

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