Fashion Quote Friday: Kanye West

Happy Fashion Week,  I mean Friday! Since fashion hounds are abuzz about the Kanye West for Adidas show, which happened yesterday at New York Fashion Week Fall 2015, I thought a Kanye quote would be apropos.

"You can have a Zara pant, right? And a girl walks in with the Celine version, and you feel like shit. That is the problem." Kanye West has so eloquently stated. For more of Kanye's "genius," check out this post on Who What Wear

What does everyone think of Kanye West x Adidas Originals? I don't know about you, but forget shaping up for summer, I'm getting my flesh toned body stocking bod on;)Think little North West was crying during daddy's fashion show because she was stuck in fast fashion while the celebaby across the way was in infant couture? Possibly... Or maybe she was conflicted because she's partial to Adidas Originals by Mary Katrantzou.

And btw, speaking of Zara, have you read the story about the Zara's original name? Zorba! Not sure about you, but I think the brand made a name change for the better. 

One last thing, there's no need for FOMO, if your not in New York you can watch fashion week shows live here. Have a great weekend everyone! 

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