Can We Talk About...? Extreme Nail Art

Can we talk about something?... Yes, I'm referring to the current beauty trend sweeping the web, extreme nail art. From 3D sushi rolls adorning each finger to miniature towns perched atop nail beds, manis are getting out of hand (pun intended). 

beauty trend sushi nail art

How does one function in the real world with a manicure that acts more as a meal reminder than a beauty enhancement? It seems as though women in Japan aren't worried about these practicalities, because according to The Wall Street Journal sushi nail art is all the rage. But ladies beware, before you decide it's "cute" to curate your favorite cuisine on your hands , realize there's no stopping a hungry seagull (or business man) from swooping down to dine.

Ryan Gosling nail stickers

For those that think 3D nails are just too much, consider keeping a pic of Hollywood's favorite hunk, Ryan Gosling, on your hands. Inni is a new nail sticker company that allows you to upload any picture from your computer/the internet and turn it into custom nail wraps for under $10.  From grumpy cat to gumballs - sky is the limit for Inni nail art stickers- and unlike 3d styles, you can actually put your hands in your pockets while wearing them;)

With all this seen and said, although I may gawk if I saw someone walking down the street with extreme nail art,  I have a new go-to white elephant gift!

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  1. What?! I need to get on pinterest more, I didn't even know this was a thing!

    xo Carlina

  2. Yikes, sorry but no! Very funny though!

  3. It's definitely cute, but certainly not practical. Unless your job is to sit around and show off your awesome sushi mani.

  4. These colors are so pretty, love them all.

  5. so amazing. these colors are so cute.

  6. So I would accidentally destroy this immediately but I love it!

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