Puerto Vallarta Wedding Planning Trip Recap

Last Thursday Blaine and I departed for Puerto Vallarta, where we met my mom for a  long weekend of wedding planning! I couldn't dream of a better Christmas present then taking a vacation with the two people I love most in this world. 

When we arrived at the Casa Magna Marriott we were lucky enough to discover there was a baby turtle release that evening.   It was a completely magical experience, if you ever have the chance to do something of the sort, take it! 

We spent Friday with our wedding planners from The Dazzling Details, who were beyond amazing. After spending time with them we are all even more confident in their ability to execute an affair  to remember (for a little wedding eye candy, check out their  Facebook). We toured several different private villas and came to a unanimous decision on where our wedding will be held this spring! We also had a tasting with our wedding caterers at Plush Catering & Events, and I have to say, our guests are in for a delicious meal:) 

Saturday was a meeting with the events coordinator at Casa Magna to plan our welcome dinner and a hair and makeup trial (although I haven't decided on wedding hair yet... suggestions?). We also ate at some great restaurants in Puerto Vallarta and logged some quality pool time. The only thing we didn't do was take enough pictures!

My beautiful mom scouting a potential wedding venue
Scouting a private villa for our wedding
Rough afternoon at the pool
Blaine and I 

Now that our vacation is complete, we are in the final 5 months of our wedding countdown and it feels completely surreal (and overwhelming). But what else can I say... Viva la Mexico!!

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  1. it is wonderful to have a wedding trip there.


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