Holiday Gift Guide: Fitness Gifts for Her!

Is it time for holiday gift guides already?! Well, I heard Christmas music playing in an elevator last weekend, so I guess it is! This year I'm starting off with gifts for exorcise lovers. Whether she's a yogi or a runner, there is something for every fitness fanatic on your list. 

fitness gear gifts for her

1. Karma legwarmers, $28: Flashdance flashback! Karma's legwarmers will make everyone in her barre burn class green with envy. 

2. Fitbit Zip, $60: Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to losing weight. Fitbit helps track steps, distance and calories wireless lyto make shaping up easier!

3. Agent iPod Nano Armband, $15: Help her hold tech securely when working out, with this graphic black & white armband. Pair it with an iPod Nano to give her an even big smile when unwrapping. 

4. Sweaty Bands Headband, $15: There is nothing like a cute headband to look put together while you sweat! This glitter head wrap is only $15 and makes a great stocking stuffer 

5. Yogoco Yoga Mat bag, $89: Even zen masters want a little fun sometimes! Yogoco mat bags are eco friendly and have compartments for everything she may need on her way to practice her sun salutations. 

6. Nike training sneaker, $67: Bold and bright, Nike's cross training shoe is both lightweight and supportive. 

7. Gaiam balance ball chair, $80: Help her get her core strength in gear while sitting at her desk with a sleek looking balance ball chair.

8. Swell Water bottle, $35: Plastic water bottles are soooo passe. Swell makes toxin-free, stainless steal, insulating water bottles in a variety of colors. Great gifts for eco friendly gym goer's on your list. 

9. Zella moto jacket, $108: Zella makes go-to workout clothing for the fit fashionista. I tried their laminated moto jacket on over this hooded shirt and they are both now on my personal wish list!

10. Flight 001 Clean Gym Gear Bag, $30: For the workout maven who goes to the gym before work, these cute bags will help her separate her clean and sweaty clothes for easy storage. Would be a great addition to give with a gym outfit. 

11. TruEnergy Earbuds, starting at $19.95: Last but not least, TruEnergy headphones are designed specifically for active women. They come with 3 different earbud sizes, sharing features and a microphone and are the best headphones I've found when it comes to staying in place while jogging!

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  1. I've been listening to Christmas music since Saturday so I say, bring on the gift guides! I've been obsessed with Zella for year's now. The moto jacket is awesome. Loving the Nike's and the water bottle too. Great picks :)


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