Boho Bride: Mara Hoffman's Debut Bridal Collection

Mara Hoffman bridal collection

Mara Hoffman's debut bridal collection is a boho bride's dream com true. I think every woman with the slightest touch of bohemian beach goddess in her swooned when she heard the free spirited swimwear and ready-to-wear designer was releasing a wedding collection. Being that I'm still on the hunt for my "perfect" dress, I've contemplated ordering one of these ethereal dresses more than once this past week.

Mara Hoffman boho bridal collection
Mara Hoffman boho bride dress
Mara Hoffman bohemian bridal dress
View the entire Death Valley set lookbook here 

Hoffman's bridalwear collection includes five bridal ensembles, a veil and two sexy white bathing suits (the bikini is begging to go with me to my Mexico destination wedding). All feature her signature exquisite detailing - embroidery, beading, lattice work - and are priced so both  Loubie wearing and barefoot brides can enjoy. 

Mara Hoffman bridal collection
Embroidered Gown $1,000/ Beaded Sheath Dress $1,000/ Lattice Gown $1,666/ Bridal Bustier $300 & Skirt $700 (also love this gown of hers for a unique bride)

Shop the entire Mara Hoffman Devotional Collection on www.marahoffman.com.


  1. These would be gorgeous for a beach wedding!

  2. OMG how amazing. I need to find me a man STAT! LOL


  3. nice! ;-))

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  4. I love the photos! So cool. I love the dresses, not sure for an actual bride...I guess I'm the more traditional type. But they are really cool.

  5. OMG I love these styles!

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