Beauty Beat: Oxblood Nails

Who doesn't love fall season beauty? The cooler weather gives an excuse to go more dramatic with makeup (without sweating it off) and dramatic beauty looks balance heavy clothing. My favorite fall/winter beauty trend, which revives itself year after year, is deep, dark, oxblood nails. This fall from runways to subways, deep vampy red nail polish can be seen on women of all ages and styles. 

fall beauty trend, oxblood nails

There is something very mysterious and sexy about a woman wearing a deep shade of nail polish - it screams "I'm in charge." But, if vampy nails are a bit too much for you, consider one of this year's favorite nail art trends: a neutral manicure with dark red tips or a half moon manicure. Oxblood nail polish comes in a variety of shades to compliment all skin tones, including deep brown red, purple under hued reds, and black red with a hint of shimmer. The hardest part about achieving an oxblood manicure, may just be picking your favorite color;)

oxblood nail polish


  1. cute pics!! ;-)

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  2. Anonymous11/26/2013

    I love the debrorah lippmann one its one of my faves for this time of year great choices all of the above


  3. My favorite color for fall nails! I want to try that Deborah Lipmmann one now - love the shimmer!

  4. Anonymous11/16/2015

    Wonderful lipsticks.


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