Fashion Meets Tech: Hot Headphones

Models at Walter Baker Spring 2013 presentation wearing Skullcandy Aviator Headphones

Fashion fiends know, the best tech accessory other than an iPhone case is a killer pair of statement headphones. From a pop of color to sophisticated metallic, these stylish music gadgets add an instant element of youthful ease to an outfit. 

Natalie Joos between shows at NYFW Spring 2014 wearing Frends  headphones

Let's all give it up for Natalie Joos who rocked headphones like a fashion champ on the streets of New York Fashion Week, Spring 2014. Usually when I don't want people to bother me I pretend I'm talking on my cell, but I'm going to take a cue from these fashion street stylers and go a little bolder with headphones that scream "I can't Hear you". I can just imagine how incredibly important one must feel when Ms. Joos takes off her Frends 'Taylor' headphones to speak to them. 

Cara Delvingne in her signature Beats by Dr. Dre

Clockwise from Top Left: Vibrant magenta headphones complete a colorful ensemble, Natalie Joos between shows at NYFW Spring 2014 wearing Frends  headphones, Anna Dello Russo rocking out in Skullcandys circa 2011,  An Australian Fashion Week goer matches her metallic shoes and rose gold headphones

Susie Bubble's NYFW Spring 2014 street style - accessorizing with modern white headphones

If over ear headphones aren't for you, there other options that will allow you embrace this tech accessory trend! Wow at work with a jewelry inspired pair of earbuds like these or go from the StairMaster to the subway in a colorful pair of TruEnergy earbuds*(my favorite).

**Images via Popsugar, Les Nouvelles, Street PeeperSheFinds, Vogue


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    Headphones are most definitely the new fashion accessory.

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  3. I loved, loved the Walter show!

  4. Anonymous9/17/2013

    If my new idol, Natalie Joos wears them, I'm wearing them. P.S I met her at a party in Dallas recently...I was kind of star struck. It was so awkward..my friend went up to her and told her I wanted to meet her even though I did not tell him to. SO AWK. haha xoxo

  5. Nice post, very beautiful clothes ;)

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