Bohemian Bliss: Yolan Cris Bridal

Don't panic, this is not going to become a wedding blog, I promise. Although, in my wedding planning I may come across a few things here or there that I can't keep to myself, thus this post. 

During my weekly Saturday morning coffee and Pinterest session I stumbled upon Yolan Cris bridal gowns. The expertly crafted boho-chic dresses in the 2013 Ibiza collection are stunning to say the least. Lace and netting are layered in ease, lightness and sophistication, and dress cuts are both sultry yet forgiving. Oh, and don't even get me started on the head pieces... boho fashion perfection!

Based in Spain and designed by two sisters, Yolan Cris not only makes dream dresses for the bohemian beach bride, they have seven fashion bridal collections for all types of women (I'm partial to the rock bride couture in the Chelsea collection - and not just for the name;). Anyways, until my wedding moves from a beach in Mexico to a nightclub in London, I'm drawing inspiration from these gorgeous gowns. Enjoy more images on the next page!

Are you ready to elope on a beach in Europe yet? Need more inspiration? Check out this or this real wedding. 

**Images via yolancris.com


  1. My goodness -these dresses are gorgeous!

  2. I am not really in to bridal wear, but I love the styling of these shots!
    Simona Lake&Moon

  3. This is so romantic! I love it!

  4. These dresses are soooo dreamy!!!



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