Vacation Inspiration: The Greek Islands

blue and white dresses

It happens every time... just as soon as I get home from a vacation I start daydreaming about my next potential trip. I've been wanting to check out the Greek islands for years, and while summer style hunting on Shopbop's sale I fell in love with a number of white and cerulean blue mini and maxi dresses that echo the classic oceanic imagery of Mykanos and Santorini. So, although Greece and I may not be meeting anytime soon, at least I can channel the fresh, ocean feel in a new dress. :-)

BTW- Don't miss out! Shopbop is having a 20% sale that goes until midnight April 18th when you use the code WEAREFAMILY13.

On a side note, my thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the recent bombings in Boston. It feels a bit wrong speaking about fashion and vacations when such severe tragedies are so close to home and at the forefront of our news in America.

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  1. I LOVE the blue that is on all of those dresses!

  2. Oh this is so good, love them all, and Santorini!

  3. such gorgeous dresses, and all look very suitable for a greek vacation!

  4. I love the dress in the middle. Have a good day!

    xo Jo


  5. THe one in the middle is perfection. Oh how I'd love to go to Greece. BTW, I am not going to SF :) I've never been and I am dying to goooo! We would def. do some damage on a shopping date though xxoxo

  6. Gorgeous picks! I'm also dying to visit the Greek Isles and these images make me crave a beach vacation... badly.

  7. I went to Greece on my "spring break" while I was abroad for a semester. The trip itself was kind of a nightmare (we went through one of those sketchy companies!), but Greece was gorgeous. I'd love to go back for real this time!

  8. that selection totally reminds me of greece! so beautiful and beachy! xo, Alma

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  10. oh wow this is such great inspo! SO much BLUE! I loooove it xxx


  11. Maxi dresses are really the best when it comes to vacay fashion.....and I'm sooo inspired by your blue themed choices here Chelsea!!!


  12. Hey Chelsea,

    Yeah I know what you mean hun lol.

    Love these though!

    You've totally nailed the feel of Mykanos. I've never been there before, but I have traveled to other Greek Islands.

    Such a stunning Country.

    Thanks for sharing.


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