Save vs. Splurge: Ombre Denim Shirts

ombre chambray shirt
Gold: HEIDI MERRICK La Paz shirt $205; Silver: 7 FOR ALL MANKIND Ombre Chambray Shirt $178; Bronze: AMERICAN RAG JUNIORS Ombre Chambray Shirt $24 (Similar Here)

Dip-dyed denim, ombre chambray - no matter what you call 'em, these shirts are hot! Besides making a perfect warm weather cover up, chambray button ups are a great way to style traditional work wear, such as a printed pencil skirt (example).  I bit the bullet last month and sprang for Heidi Merrick's dip-dyed denim La Paz shirt, and although I love it, I keep seeing budget friendly versions everywhere I turn! The closest match to the "gold" shirt at a fraction of the price would have to be this one - it's a men's so get it in a small or wear it oversized for a laid back look. Anyways no matter what your budget allows, ombre chambray shirts are a trend that is sure to be worn if you indulge. 

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  1. I feel like this could be a really easy DIY, too! I probably shouldn't be trusted around bleach, but maybe someone could do it for me!

    1. I think you SHOULD try a DIY post! I'm DIY impaired so you are going to have to break out the bleach;)

  2. well got to say I love the silver one best! but the bronze is quite good! don´t splurge on this one! xo, Alma

  3. I know, Alma! It's too late though :( oh well, lol.

  4. Strangely enough I like the 'bronze' one the best! I think that this is such a fun trend!




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