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Jagger Edge iPhone cases
 Sophia iPhone Clutch Case / Flail iPhone Ring Case

They call themselves a "luxury tech accessory company for fashionistas," and that pretty much sums up Jagger Edge iPhone cases perfectly. The Flail Ring iPhone Case not only looks cool, it serves as a makeshift weapon for late night protection. It comes in a slew of rockerish leathers such as tangerine and leopard print with a ring grip of silver, gold or brass spike balls. Jagger Edge's Sophia iPhone Clutch Case is my favorite -  lighten up with silver on white or keep it dark and chic with gold studs on black leather. Shop more Jagger's Edge tech accessories here and here
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  1. These are cool! I feel like you could really hurt someone with that red one though haha

  2. How cool are these?

  3. Anonymous4/10/2013

    HOly moly those are ferocious!!! BUT I love them! xo

  4. Oooo I love the pink one!! xx


  5. These look really cool! Plus it would totally keep me from dropping my phone 208793485734 times a day.

  6. OMG, genius! functinal chic... perfect for me who drops EVERYTHING! :)


  7. Great idea!! I love the black one!
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  8. I really like the studded black one. These are so unique!

    Fizz and Frosting

  9. how cute are those cases? thanks for sharing!

  10. they're cute, but a word of warning: mine started falling apart within two months, and the customer service there is atrocious-- they offered me a $35 voucher to their store (as if I want to pay more money for another crappy case?) and were snotty and rude to me. you can't even get anyone on the phone there! if you do buy, buy from a place like shopbop.com instead of buying direct so you can deal with actual customer service reps instead of fashionista internists who evidently care less about customer retention than they do about their nails.....


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