Shoe Stories with The Now Stylebook

In case you haven't noticed, I have a thing for shoes.. So, I'm excited to introduce a new guest blog series, Shoe Stories.  I'm kicking it off with Elizabeth Midgett of The Now Stylebook, one of my favorite daily reads. Just take a peak at her Tuesday Shoesday posts and you'll understand why she's the perfect gal to share her footwear fetishes;)  

SHOE STORIES with The Now Stylebook

 Elizabeth Midgett

Heels or flats? I look better in heels but feel better in flats. So heels. Haha!

How many pairs of shoes do you have? 
About 70 {not counting flip flops or sneakers}

Favorite shoes in your closet? 
So tough. I’d have to say right now, my Stella McCartney croc pumps and my Valentino studded flats which btw were the find of the century. I found them last year on the sale rack for 65% off and only available in my size. It’s like they were sent from the heavens by the shoe gods. Haha Oh and I cannot live without my Havaianas flip flops!

If you could be a shoe style what would you be? 
A bootie. They are so cute and bring a little bit of edge to any outfit.

Favorite footwear brand?
I love Steve Madden and Jeffrey Cambpell for super trendy styles that will only be around for a couple of seasons. But, I have a weakness for expensive shoes like Charlotte Olympia, Christian Louboutin and Nicholas Kirkwood. I aspire to afford more of those and lots and lots of Alaia’s.

Current shoe crushes? 
Any fall shoe from Nicholas Kirkwood, every Burberry Prorsum bootie style, Alexander Wang Kolfinna boots, the Tory Burch fox smoking slippers and Alice and Olivia Dina Pumps. Oh and the Chloe studded Susan boots. I’ve lusted over them for years!

Dream shoe wardrobe?  
Leandra Medine {aka The Man Repeller} without a doubt, any of the Courtin Clarins girls and of course, Carrie Bradshaw.

How do you store/display your shoes in your closet? 
The casual, everyday ones are lined up along the floor in my closet {err…my half of the closet} and then I keep the nicer shoes in their boxes on a shelf above my clothes. I have them in alphabetical order by designer. Oh my gosh that’s embarrassing. I’d say storing them in boxes is the way to go if you are working with a small closet. 

Why do you think women gravitate towards shoes? 
I think putting on a pair of fabulous shoes can change your mood completely. They are just magical little things that can make a woman feel hotter, taller, skinnier and therefore more confident!

Image via WWD


  1. How fun, already love this series. Cannot wait to read more.

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