Shoe Stories with Tartan and Sequins

Today I'm thrilled to have the lovely ladies behind Tartan & SequinsJulia Bayard and Allison Dolder McDonald, give us an inside look into their foot fancies. Tartan & Sequins offers fun and thoughtful posts on everything from workout playlists to how to style leather pants.  With Julia based in San Francisco and Allison in Newport Beach, they come together to bring a true California feel to a lifestyle blog that relates to women globally. 

 SHOE STORIES with Tartan & Sequins
Julia Bayard and Allison Dolder McDonald

Heels or flats?
J - Depends on the occasion. Since moving to SF, I wear flats every day to work, run errands, etc. However, I would rather die than wear flats out. I’ve done it only a couple of times and it was traumatic.
A - Flats. My husband is only 3 inches taller than me, and when we met in college over 8 years ago, I really let my heels game come to a dead halt. Since Julia and I started the blog (Jan 2012), I have been more and more shamed by my lack of grown-up shoes, and have forced myself to invest in more heels! 

How many pairs of shoes do you own? 
J - Oh probably 40?
A- Samesies! 

Favorite shoe in your closet?
J -  My favorite daily shoes are my pink suede driving loafers from Paris. I feel so chic in them. My favorite fancy shoes are probably my grey PVL suede cut out heels. I feel so cool when I wear them!
A - My vintage cowboy boots (a killer find at Newport Beach vintage store Swellegant), and my new glitter-heeled stunnas! 

Current shoe crushes?
- I have been having impure thoughts about Dolce Vita’s Jordanna boots for months now and am SO ready to pull the trigger on them!

How do you store/display your shoes?
J - My shoes are currently out on long racks along the side of my closet as I always need to be able to see my options
A - I would love to get some tips on attractive elevated rack-type shoe storage. My zapatos officially live in a white cube situation that’s supposed to be high enough for my dog not to reach, but somehow she gets her paws on at least one pair a day!

If you could be a shoe style, what would you be and why?
J - I would be a stiletto boot- total badass!
A - Pointy-toe flat. Final answer! They are the chicest flat by far, and they don’t inhibit me from scurrying around at warp-speed, which I do the majority of the time (I have run people down before by accident!)

Why do you think women 
gravitate towards shoes?
J - I think shoes have the ability to completely transform an outfit whereas a blouse needs other elements to be transformed.

Dream shoe wardrobe?
J - Oh Olivia Palermo of course. Her collection of Nicholas Kirkwoods are envious enough!
A - Jenna Lyons, fo sho. Her shoe racks should be the 8th Wonder of the World.

Hope you all enjoyed this Shoe Story as much as I did, and don't forget to visit Tartan & Sequins to see more of Julia and Allison's fabulous shoe finds.


  1. hahha love the post!!! ;) xo, Alma

  2. Love hearing what their fave pair of shoes are - And yeah, Jenna Lyons closet is the bomb!

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    Yayyyyy!! Obsessed with Julia and Allison. They have the best style. Jenna and Olivia have pretty ridic shoes!!! Jenna's shoe storage situation is seriously the ultimate!!!!!!!

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