Date Dress: The Lips Have it

lips dress

I'm lusting after this MSGM lips dress and am desperately trying to find a way to rationalize its' $1000 price tag. The built in bustier is flattering and sexy while the full skirt is flirty and fun. Throw on a fierce pair of pointed toe pumps and this dress will do the talking for you. 

I've long been a fan of MSGM fashions and their watercolor, surrealism inspired lips print is right up my ally. It is feminine without being girly and gives a unique nod to the popular motif. Have no fear if this date night dress is too fancy schmancy for your taste, a lip motif can be found throughout MSGM's fall offerings including this sweatshirt dress, lip print blouse and fringe jacket.


Can We Talk About...? Extreme Nail Art

Can we talk about something?... Yes, I'm referring to the current beauty trend sweeping the web, extreme nail art. From 3D sushi rolls adorning each finger to miniature towns perched atop nail beds, manis are getting out of hand (pun intended). 

beauty trend sushi nail art

How does one function in the real world with a manicure that acts more as a meal reminder than a beauty enhancement? It seems as though women in Japan aren't worried about these practicalities, because according to The Wall Street Journal sushi nail art is all the rage. But ladies beware, before you decide it's "cute" to curate your favorite cuisine on your hands , realize there's no stopping a hungry seagull (or business man) from swooping down to dine.

Ryan Gosling nail stickers

For those that think 3D nails are just too much, consider keeping a pic of Hollywood's favorite hunk, Ryan Gosling, on your hands. Inni is a new nail sticker company that allows you to upload any picture from your computer/the internet and turn it into custom nail wraps for under $10.  From grumpy cat to gumballs - sky is the limit for Inni nail art stickers- and unlike 3d styles, you can actually put your hands in your pockets while wearing them;)

With all this seen and said, although I may gawk if I saw someone walking down the street with extreme nail art,  I have a new go-to white elephant gift!

Sources: Wall Street JournalJezebel, Kiki White,  Inni Nails, Us Weekly


Accessory Alert - Ear Cuffs

fashion ear cuffs

Did I ever mention that I had an industrial ear piercing for almost a decade? I can thank Guinevere Van Seenus for the style inspiration and the college cocktails for the courage. Anyways, a few months ago when I lost the backing, I decided it was a sign that it was time to retire my rock chic perma accessory. It was a sad day for me, but a triumphant day for my mom;) 

Since I'm not about to go through 3 months of only being able to sleep on one side again, re-piercing is out of the question. Thankfully, there is a current fashion fixation on ear piercings, so there are plenty of nonpermanent jewelry options to fulfill my inner rocker. From glitzy to modern and sleek, ear cuffs are all over the place. If you've ever wanted an edgy ear piercing but were too afraid to make the commitment, now is your chance! 

My Favorites:

Get Some:


Shopping For: A Pleated Maxi Dress

pleated-maxi dress-street-style

This week I dug into the depths of my closet broke out my favorite pleated maxi skirt, and then I had an epiphany; What I'm missing in my life is a pleated dress, a pleated maxi dress to be precise! And I'm not talking about sweet pleats, I'm talking about sharp accordion pleats that have enough of an edge they are begging for a leather moto jacket. So I started online shopping, and this is what I found:


Street Style Inspired: White Jumpsuites

white jumpsuit street style
white jumpsuit fashion

I've long been a fan of jumpsuits - they are just as easy as dresses but a bit more unexpected - and at the moment I'm craving a white jumpsuit to add to my summer wardrobe. Worn with sleek pumps or metallic flats, daytime or night, a white jumpsuit is the sexy and wiser older sister of the LWD (little white dress). 

Get the look: