National Velvet

Velvet Street Style

Is anybody else having a case of the chills? It is cold outside in California (relatively speaking), and I'm craving clothing in cozy velvet fabric. Rich in look and by feel, but not necessarily by price, velvet makes a chic statement and adds dimension to outfits for both day and night. 

Although often associated with the holidays, there is still plenty of time to wear luxe Velvet fashions before retiring them for warmer weather. Take a tip from street style stars and combine velvet fashions with items associated with warmer months such as shorts or sandals. Another way to make this fab feeling fabric stay in fashion through the start of spring is to look for items in lighter colors, like this velvet midi skirt or incorporate the trend through your accessories like these blush velvet loafers



Holiday Gift Guide: Cool Tech Gifts for Men!

Cool Tech Gifts for Guys
Gadgets and gizmos and bits and bobs, holiday season is the perfect time gift your guy with the latest and greatest technology. Whether you are looking for a stocking stuffer such as an iPhone case or a big ticket item such as hover board, for men who like to stay up one step ahead, tech gifts are the way to go. 


1. IMOTO HOVER BOARD:  Looking for a great tech gift for guys? Look no further than a hover board! It combines athleticism, technology and fun in one sleek package. 

2. APPLE WATCH: Keep the man in your life on time and up to date with the latest and greatest in watches, the Apple watch! For those that want a smart watch without the steep price tag, check out the Pebble Smartwatch

3. USB CUFFLINKS: For the sophisticated techie,  brilliant businessman and James Bond in training, USB cuff links make a functional and fashionable gift.

4. POLAROID MOBILE PHOTO PRINTER: Instant gratification and tech toys unite with Polaroids mobile phone printer!  Great for guys and gals another fun idea is this mini instant camera and for the hipster in your life look no further than a Vintage Polaroid Camera Kit

5. THE NORTH FACE TECH GLOVES: Because what's the point of keeping him warm if he can't text you back, damn it?!

6. PAPARRAZI DRONE: Flying drones are a fun tech toy gift for men of all ages! For those more advanced gift a mini camera drone and for big spenders check out this flying drone.

7. IPHONE 6 WALLET CASE: For the man whose head is lost in code, gift a smartphone wallet case so that he only has one thing to forget;).

8. OCULUS RIFT VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSET: When I walked in one evening and saw my husband at our dining room table with an Oculus mask on I didn't know whether to laugh or run. Regardless, for tech toy lovers young and old, the Oculus is a win! If you're on a budget check out this other Virtual Reality Headset.

9. BEATS BY DRE EARBUDS: For guys who like their music, give the gift of some luxury earbuds so he rock out at work in comfort. If the man your shopping for is more of an over-the-ear kinda guy, these wood headphones offer as big of a fashion statement as they do sound.  

10. JBL WIRELESS BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: Give the party guy in your life a gift he can enjoy at home and on the go, a portable wireless bluetooth speaker!

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Holiday Gift Guide: For Winos

holiday gifts for wine lovers

If the loved one on your gift list happens to love their grapes, look no further than a wine accessory which will be both used and enjoyed. From aerating wine glasses to cheeky wine totes and boozy candles, here are some gift ideas for the wino, I mean "wine enthusiast" ;), on your holiday list. 

1. Shower Wine Glass Holder $15 - For the wine drinker that likes to keep it classy, gift a shower and bath suction cup wine glass holder to make sure they are never without their merlot.

2. Hex Wine Rack $68 - Gift an artistic wine rack to the decor lover on your list who happens to have a few extra bottles of wine on hand. 

3. Wino Cocktail Napkin Set $36 - Give the unabashed wino in your life a set of humorous linen cocktail napkins they'll laugh about at their next Bunko game. 

4. Stemless Aerating Wine Glass $60 - This set of two stemless aerating wine glasses is perfect for a man that loves his gadgets or someone that believes food is art. 

5. Agate Coasters $69 - A set of agate coasters is a must for the host with the most. 

6. Wine Book $13 - For those learning to appreciate the art of wine, the book"Wine, A No Snob Guide" will give them the facts they need for their next wine tasting trip without any added pretension. 

7. Electric Wine Opener $20 - An electric wine opener is a gift hit among men and women and will be a kitchen gadget they will enjoy using. 

8. Rewind Candles $29 - From hostesses to in-laws, the wine lover on your shopping list will love a Rewind candle. Made using repurposed wine bottles they have sophisticated  wine inspired aromas including Syrah and Champagne. 

9. I'm Real Wine Face Mask $3 - A wine sheet mask makes for a great stocking stuffer for the beauty loving wino in your life, or the girlfriend who needs a little boost after a night of indulgence. 

10. Wine Aerator Pourer $10 - If you're looking for a stocking stuffer for the wine in your life, look no further than a wine aerator pourer. Not only is it practical, it is inexpensive! 

11. Fabric Wine Bag $14 - Sometimes the best gift to give a hostess is a bottle of her favorite wine. Make sure to outfit the bottle in a festive reusable wine tote so it feels like a gift and not an afterthought. 

12. Kelly Wearstler Head Trip Wine Stopper $295 - Kelly Wearstler wine stoppers are instant conversation items. If a her price tag is a bit steep for your taste,  this decorative pineapple wine stopper is just $10 and looks just as pretty on the table.

13. Cooling Wine Glasses $26 - Gift white wine lovers Freeze cooling wine glasses so no matter the temperature outside, their wine will stay chilled. 

14. Picnic Wine Tote $36 - If you are looking for a gift to give a couple, this picnic wine tote has everything they'll need for a romantic afternoon with their favorite vintage.  

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Fashion Editorial: ELLE Netherlands September 2017

Florals? For fall? Groundbreaking. I couldn't resist a chance to play with one of my favorite lines from The Devil Wears Prada. But seriously, dark, moody, romantic floral prints are winning this fall.  Elle Netherlands gives print perfect inspiration in their September issue. 

ELLE Netherlands September 2017 - Model: Merel van Mierlo / Photographer: Nicky Onderwate

Get the look:


Beauty Beat: Oxblood Nails

Who doesn't love fall season beauty? The cooler weather gives an excuse to go more dramatic with makeup (without sweating it off) and dramatic beauty looks balance heavy clothing. My favorite fall/winter beauty trend, which revives itself year after year, is deep, dark, oxblood nails. This fall from runways to subways, deep vampy red nail polish can be seen on women of all ages and styles. 

fall beauty trend, oxblood nails

There is something very mysterious and sexy about a woman wearing a deep shade of nail polish - it screams "I'm in charge." But, if vampy nails are a bit too much for you, consider one of this year's favorite nail art trends: a neutral manicure with dark red tips or a half moon manicure. Oxblood nail polish comes in a variety of shades to compliment all skin tones, including deep brown red, purple under hued reds, and black red with a hint of shimmer. The hardest part about achieving an oxblood manicure, may just be picking your favorite color;)

oxblood nail polish